How YOU Can Help

At this time, needs your help. Costs associated with hosting the site can no longer be handled by the staff. As such, we need to seek assistance from you.

We are asking for donations, now matter how big or small, to help with these costs. If we receive more than we need, we will then put those funds into formally organizing and creating our official non-profit (501.c) status. So far, we have not needed outside assistance, which made setting up and maintaining this status an uneneccesary expense.

We will be posting, on this page, all incoming monies (amount total only, to protect our benefactors) and expenses. In otherwords, we will maintain our required publicly available documents related to operating costs and income online, eventually in a more formalized presentation. If anyone would like their name mentioned when donating, just specify that in your correspondence, and we will post your name here on this page in the “Received Incomes” table below. We will not display this information forever, as we do plan to have named sponsorships down the road, but will keep it up until the end of the year as a special thanks to those who help with these initial costs.

Also, when sending donations, you may specify where you want the funds to go. Currently, we are only seeking funds to offset operating and startup costs, but will honor all requests if possible, or return funds if we cannot.

If you would like to donate, please email us at using this form or simply Donate via PayPal

Thank you!

Current Financial Status:

Current Outstanding Costs

Item DescriptionAmount
Site Hosting$129.50
ISP Service$100.00
Less Monies Received-$0.00
Total Outstanding Costs$229.50

Received Incomes

Item DescriptionAmount
Unamed Dontations Total$0.00
Named Donations Total$0.00
Total Received$0.00