Who are We?

www.wolveswolveswolves.org was created to try to help people gain a true understanding of wolves by providing facts about wolves, facts and opinions about recovery and other issues, and by presenting both sides of the issues.  We believe that once people know the facts, they can draw their own, educated conclusions about wolves, and eventually, the true nature of wolves can be known by all.

    This is a noble effort on our part, and though we are off to a rough start, we know that we will gain momentum and soon have a very strong source of information and news about wolves and recovery efforts.

    www.wolveswolveswolves.org is was created by volunteers, and with the help of people committed to our goal of education.  Without the assistance of these people, our mission would be without hope.  We truly thank all of our contributors.  We feel it is important to mention that any opinion expressed on this site does not necessarily (unless specified) represent the opinons of our contributors, or any agency or organization that that contributor may otherwise represent.  We ask for assitance and opinions from people with experience in these issues, not because they agree with everthing we say or do, but because it is in our mission to provide diverse opinions and viewpoints.


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