Where to Visit Wolves

There are several places to visit wolves.  We will be compiling a list of these places over time.  If you know of a place to see wolves that is not on the list, please let us know by clicking here.

We strongly recommend against intefering with wild wolves. They are very difficult to find in the wild, and human contact, however innocent, more often than not leads to the death of a wolf. Wolves are wild animals, and should be treated and viewed as such. We take satisfaction in just knowing that they are there.

Sites by State:

Wild wolves inhabit Alaska in greater number than in all other states combined.  Viewing is best in Denali National Park.

Desert Musem:  Sonora – Mexican Wolves

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary:  Lucerne Valley – Rescue center for wolves, habituated wolves that you can photograph and ‘visit with’ personally. An experience to remember forever (please bring at least $10 per person. Wolves are hungry, and food isn’t free.) We have enjoyed our experiences with the wolves, and strongly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Worth far more than $10.

Mission: Wolf: Gardner – Rescue and educational facility with onsite tours. They house over 30 animals, mostly rescued wolves, and some rescued hybrids. Their primary focus is in their touring ambassador wolf program. The drive around the country, giving talks about wolves, and present an ambassador wolf to groups such as classrooms. We strongly recommend visiting their facility, or seeing one of their programs. Hosting a program is also strongly recommended for those with groups or classrooms.

Wolf Education and Recovery Center:  Boise

Also, wild wolves in the central part of the state.  Best viewing is near Stanley, Idaho (as of 10/10/00 – this is no longer the case.  Please stay tuned for updates to find out exactly why…)

International Wolf Center:  Ely

Also in Minnesota, wild wolves in the upper half of the state.

North Carolina:
Lincoln Park Zoo:  Raleigh